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Member Advertisement made easy 

At this time all advertising cost will be start at $22.50 for 15 second weekdays only/weekends at           30 second 37.50 weekdays, and 60 second 67.60 weekdays    call for weekend dates.                                                                                                        

We're making advertising as easy and simple as possible to help you save money by making your ads in house will make it a lot cheaper and be exactly your way and style, send us your pre-recorded ads we will play your advertisement in its entirety even if time expires                                                               

written advertisement sent in

What we will do with your advertisement that you have in writing will be read with voice of our choice

we will add background sounds or music or make into a jingle which ever enhances ads just contact us by email or text 

and let us know what you have, any suggestions are welcome, and we will do are best

Business with little budgets and sometimes none at all we will try to help you, let us know and we'll see what we can do

help one help some lets grow together!

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