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Grow Your Vision

First Start Radio was created with one goal in mind: to bring a new avenue to help new and struggling artists and new and small businesses to get airtime to promote their talents or business' and at same time playing the best music we can find  If you are an artist that non copyrighted or royalty free or you just want to be heard on air become a member and enjoy the plans that right for you text us, tell us more, we got a deal for you keep in mind that are station can be heard all over the world you chances of being discovered is very great, new and small businesses looking to be heard or reach new customers everywhere at an affordable price to help you reach your goal to pursue your dream or to grow your business   At FIRST START our motto is Each one teach one help one help some because we do this not to get rich off you, we do this so you can get off rich of us.   So, join us Let grow together

Radio Telescopes

hear us everywhere
on the planet



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